Who Is Skylar Domine?


I was born and raised in Central Wisconsin; spending most of my days either racing or working on cars and ATV's, or up north camping and hunting. For me, work came before sports, even with my consistency to meet my fitness goals, work was always number one. I have my father to thank for being the definition of a hardworking, entrepreneurial man whose main goal was to not only be successful and take care of his family, but to change the lives of everyone he met. I was blessed with a loyal and supporting family; even getting to have the honor of meeting and building a relationship with all of my grandparents and great-grandparents. 

During high school I worked multiple jobs; including mowing lawns, automotive mechanic, service manager, and a warehouse machine operator. Immediately after high school graduation, I joined the United States Marine Corps which came easy to me with my ability to take orders, marksmanship, and the strenuous physical activity. Because I was able to adapt and overcome, I was meritoriously promoted to Corporal and Combat Mertioriously promoted to Sergent along with awards such as a Navy Achievement Medal while deployed. 

After 4 years of active duty and prospering in every aspect of my life; my family was struggling with my absence and so I decided to extract from the Military and come home to them, leaving what I had known, loved, and thrived in.  Adjusting back to civilian life left me craving the adrenaline rush for a passion of mine ever since I was young. I utilized my Post 9/11 GI-Bill to apply to college in Milwaukee to pursue a business marketing degree at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, and this is where my entrepreneur life begins. 

With a lot to learn but eager to do so, I began by starting an active apparel clothing line with my business partner, which proceeded to take off. Although this was great news for us, the cold climate and stagnant economy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin lead us to relocate to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Moving to Arizona opened new doors for me in the business world. Shortly after moving, I started another personal training business that provided me with the moral paycheck my apparel company had not. Having the ability to change my clients lives in every aspect; such as their work output, personal confidence, health, sex drive, family, relationships, and so much more! As satisfying as this work was, I can only train so many people in a day and week, it was time to scale the business. New trainers were hired and then the purchasing of 3 new gyms. 

At this point in my career, I was still wanting to get in contact and reach more people and change more lives. I met with an editor to assist me in writing my first published book, "You Don't Need A Personal Trainer."  This book is the ultimate guide to a 12-week transformation, including meal plans and exercise routines. My main key was motivation while writing this book, and every section was written to help inspire and guide you along your fitness journey.  

The next business opportunity I fell into was the Cannabis and Hemp industry. I was motivated to join in this industry with the knowledge and inspiration behind helping others flee from harsh narcotics and other drugs they were being prescribed. After making the transition myself from synthetic prescribed drugs to natural drugs, such as, hemp and cannabis, saved my life while struggling from PTSD. I was prescribed medications from the VA to "help," but opposed to relief, I was provided with a foggy mind and my internal organs being torn apart. With my personal experience, along with all the others I saw this industry help; it was enough for me to become inspired by this industry and desire to share my personal experience with it. 

My Why..

The purpose of my life is bringing success, growth, happiness, and freedom to my family and all those within my personal influence. I aspire to live a rich and abundant life of integrity, which I find to be a definition of success.  I strive to thrive in every aspect of life and help guide all those who wish to do the same in their lives. I encourage you to become financially free, invested, and driven to grow in your life. 

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